Diagonal Anti-Knight Sudoku - 1

Hi All, We had posted this puzzle on our website on 17-May-2020. It turned out tougher than it looked but Tiit Vunk, the 2016 World Sudoku Champion, smashed it in just 4 minutes. Thought will share with you all who did not get to solve it online.

Rules of classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, digits do not repeat on both the marked diagonal lines and a digit also cannot repeat in a cell which is at a knight's step(as in chess) from itself.

Jigsaw Sudoku Tutorial

Hi All,

Today we made a video on how to approach a Jigsaw Sudoku, aka Irregular Sudoku. Hope this will help people get over their fears of irregular shapes. I still remember how I used to hate this variant initially :)

You can head over to our YouTube channel and check out our videos.

The tutorial can be accessed at this link.

Anti-Knight Untouch Sudoku 1 - 2020

(K)Night King Sudoku.

Hi All,

It had been a long time since I posted a puzzle on the blog. With the website being active for the last one year, I have been busy creating and providing free puzzles there for you all to solve online. If you haven't been there yet, I suggest you head to sudokumaniacs right now and register.

So today's puzzle is a combination or a hybrid sudoku as it is called. The rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, each of the 9 digits cannot repeat at a knight's step from itself and also at a king's step from itself. So it is a combination of 2 chess moves.

Hope you all have fun solving it. It is only a slightly difficult side. Happy Solving.

Kropki Sudoku Video Tutorial. - Simon

Two days back, I had created a kropki sudoku for my website https:///www.sudokumaniacs.com . The uniqueness of it was that there were no white dots provided. It turned out a bit tough but also had a very interesting solve. Quite a few people gave up on it. I had thought of creating a video tutorial on it, but Simon beat me to it :) .

Simon has done a wonderful job explaining the approach to the puzzle. Do have a look at it if you want to. I have also added an image of the puzzle.

Cracking the Cryptic


Sudokumaniacs YouTube Channel

Hello friends,

We wish to announce that we have started our own YouTube channel. We will be explaining the basic and advanced solving techniques in the initial videos.

We have had many people coming to us asking for solving tips. We thought it better to first explain the concepts and techniques before we plunge into the details of how to solve various sudoku variants that are there.

From January 2020 we will be recording the approach to solve the variants that are available at the sudokumaniacs website. This will help beginners understand the approach required and also give them an insight into an authors mind on how they wish the puzzle to be cracked.

The link to our channel is pasted below.


Please do subscribe to our channel and let us know if you have any feedbacks or suggestions.

Happy Solving