Odd Sudoku 2019 - 1

With the launch of our website, there has been a lull in me posting sudokus on my blog.

Few weeks back, I had created an Odd Sudoku for the website. It was a bit tough so I had added a few clues to make it easier. Here is the original hard puzzle for people who are interested.

If you are not aware, you can play a hand crafted Classic and a Variant Sudoku every day at https://www.sudokumaniacs.com

Rules of Classic sudoku apply. Additionally, cell with a circle can contain only odd digits.

SudokuMania Forum

The Discussion Forum on our website is now active. Please feel to utilise the forum for complaints, suggestions or queries. We are trying to provide as much service as we can. Hope you all are enjoying the sudokus on our website. Your regular visits motivate us to strive more.


Today we have a Classic and another tricky variant. It is a Kropki Sudoku, with a very narrow starting path. Do you think you can find the start?


As we complete 1 week today. Head over to the site and solve our Daily Classic Sudoku and the variant. Today's variant is a slightly tricky Windoku.

sudokumania.com - 1

And as we go live today, I wish good luck to all the patrons. We start off the daily sodoku with a Classic Sudoku and a Diagonal Sudoku.