Sudoku Mania Vol - 1

Finally the day for the first of the announcements is here.

We are happy to present the first volume of the series planned for Sudoku Mania books. This book has classics plus 6 basic variant types. This is more for beginners to get introduced to variants. A section for solving techniques also has been added to the book. All puzzles are tested by the 2016 World Sudoku Champion, Tiit Vunk, of Estonia. His times for each puzzle is mentioned on the puzzle page. A solver can compare their times with that of Tiit Vunk.

Hope you all enjoy this book. I also hope the book will receive the same love and patronage as my blog has received over the years. Our plan is to have a book published every quarter of the year. Looking forward to your love, patronage and feedbacks.

Diagonal Sudoku 2018 - 1

Today, We have a medium difficulty level Diagonal Sudoku. Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, digits do not repeat on the two main diagonals marked in the grid.

Also tomorrow will be the big day. Keep Watching this space.

Anti-Knight Sudoku 2018 - 1

We are nearing the big announcement day. Keep look at the blog posts. You will be hearing some exciting news soon. It will be big for all sudoku lovers.

Today we have an Anti-Knight Sudoku. Rules of Classic sudoku apply. Additionally, cells that are at a knight's step from each other, as in chess, cannot contain the same digit.

Non-Consecutive 2018 - 1

It has been a long time since I posted a puzzle. Have been caught up in some sudoku related work which I am happy to share is coming to fruition. So all you Sudoku enthusiasts, keep watching this space for some good news coming your way soon.

Today's puzzle is a non-consecutive sudoku. Rules of classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, orthogonally adjacent cells cannot contain consecutive digits.

Repeated Killer N1 2017

Last day of the year. Had created this puzzle as an example for the IB of the upcoming UKPA Sudoku Championships 2018.

On a lighter note, I thought of naming it as Serial Killer rather than repeated killer :)

Rules of classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, digits on the top left of a cage denote the sum of the digits inside the cage. Digits CAN repeat inside a cage.