Sudokumaniacs YouTube Channel

Hello friends,

We wish to announce that we have started our own YouTube channel. We will be explaining the basic and advanced solving techniques in the initial videos.

We have had many people coming to us asking for solving tips. We thought it better to first explain the concepts and techniques before we plunge into the details of how to solve various sudoku variants that are there.

From January 2020 we will be recording the approach to solve the variants that are available at the sudokumaniacs website. This will help beginners understand the approach required and also give them an insight into an authors mind on how they wish the puzzle to be cracked.

The link to our channel is pasted below.

Please do subscribe to our channel and let us know if you have any feedbacks or suggestions.

Happy Solving

Odd Sudoku 2019 - 2

I came to know that Simon Anthony from UK, had done a video earlier of this version of the Odd Sudoku that I had posted earlier on the blog.

It is a very nice tutorial to learn the approach and on how to solve an odd sudoku.

The link to the video is pasted above for you all to check it out.

AntiKnight-NonConsecutive 2019 - 1

Last week I received a message from Simon Anthony, a member of the UK Sudoku team and an avid video blogger. He has a YouTube channel where he picks up puzzles of various authors and explains to his visitors the approach take to solve them. So Simon messaged me and said that another friend of ours Christoph Seeliger, had recommended a puzzle of mine to be featured on Simon's YouTube Channel.

The puzzle in question was an Antiknight - NonConsecutive sudoku that I had created way back in 2013. I was pleasantly surprised that Chistoph remembered the puzzle after so many years.

What Simon has done in the video is remarkable. He has made the approach to such mutant variants so simple. This video becomes a good guide for people who wish to learn how to solve an Anti-Knight Sudoku and also a Non-Consecutive sudoku.

You can view the video here.

Odd Sudoku 2019 - 1

With the launch of our website, there has been a lull in me posting sudokus on my blog.

Few weeks back, I had created an Odd Sudoku for the website. It was a bit tough so I had added a few clues to make it easier. Here is the original hard puzzle for people who are interested.

If you are not aware, you can play a hand crafted Classic and a Variant Sudoku every day at

Rules of Classic sudoku apply. Additionally, cell with a circle can contain only odd digits.

SudokuMania Forum

The Discussion Forum on our website is now active. Please feel to utilise the forum for complaints, suggestions or queries. We are trying to provide as much service as we can. Hope you all are enjoying the sudokus on our website. Your regular visits motivate us to strive more.