No Donkey Step Sudoku 2017 - 1

Today's sudoku is a No Donkey Step Sudoku. This is on a special request by Kishore :)

Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, a digit cannot repeat within 2 cells from itself in any direction, even diagonally.

Arrow Sudoku 2017 - 1

Today I have created an Arrow Sudoku on the request of Rakesh Rai. Since it is Navratra (Indian festival) time, I have created the clues in the form of a Swastika, a religious symbol in India. Hope you all like it.

Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, the digits in the circle is equal to the sum of the digits long the arrow.

Multi Diagonal Sudoku 2017 - 1

Another Sudoku that I created today. It is a multi diagonal sudoku. Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally digits cannot repeat on any of the given diagonals.

Its not straightforward but I would rate it medium difficulty.

Twin Killer 2017 - 1

After more than nearly 2 years I created a Twin Killer Sudoku. I plan to be more regular with my creations now and hope the patronage continues.

Twin Killer Sudoku.

The two killer sudokus given below have the same solution. Independently they may have multiple solutions, but the correct solution is unique for both of them.

No digit can repeat in any row, column and 3x3 boxes. Numbers on the top left of the cages denote the sum of all the digits inside that cage. No digit repeats inside a cage.

It is not too difficult a sudoku and hope you guys enjoy.

Arrow Sudoku 2015 - 1

This has been a hectic month. One Championship after another.

Too tired and lazy to create a full fledged puzzle, so here is a 6x6 Arrow Sudoku :) A bit tricky though :)

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, digits in a circle equals the sum of the digits on the corresponding arrow. Digits may repeat on an arrow.