Repeated Killer N1 2017

Last day of the year. Had created this puzzle as an example for the IB of the upcoming UKPA Sudoku Championships 2018.

On a lighter note, I thought of naming it as Serial Killer rather than repeated killer :)

Rules of classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, digits on the top left of a cage denote the sum of the digits inside the cage. Digits CAN repeat inside a cage.

Odd Even Count Sudoku 2017 - 1

And today we have the final request of Rakesh being fulfilled. We have an Odd Even Count Sudoku. I had thought that I will be creating this after coming back from the Times Sudoku Championship finals, but since I managed to create it in advance, here I am posting it. There will be a lull on Sunday as I will be out of town for the championship. See you all on Monday.

Rules of classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, An even number placed in a cell with a circle indicates the number of even numbers placed in the surrounding 8 cells. An odd number placed in a cell with a circle indicates the number of odd numbers placed in the surrounding cells. Numbers placed in cells without a circle may have either of these properties.

Next to Nine 2017 - 1

Today we have a Next to Nine Sudoku. Ya you guessed it right. Another request from Rakesh Rai. :)

I must say that as a creator it gives immense satisfaction when a puzzle turns out much better than your expectation. Hope you all have as much fun solving it as I had creating it.

Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, Digits outside the grid indicate the digits that encompass the digit 9 in that row or column.

Killer Pair Sudoku 2017 - 1

Today we have another sudoku as per the request of Rakesh Rai. It is a Killer Pair Sudoku. It is comparatively an easy one.

Rules of Classic sudoku apply. Additionally, numbers given on the border between two cells is the sum of the digits in those two cells.

Distance Sudoku 2017 - 1

Another request from Rakesh Rai. A Distance Sudoku. To be honest, this is the first time I think I am creating a Distance Sudoku in a very long time. I don't even remember the last time I created this variant. Creating new variants is a challenge I love. It helps me improve the understanding of the puzzle and while I try to maintain the uniqueness of the puzzle, the applicable solving techniques become more evident. Hope you all enjoy as much as I did while creating it.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, outside every row and column, the distance between two digits in that row or column is given. The order of the digits is top to bottom and left to right.