AntiKnight-NonConsecutive N1

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply...

Additionally, 2 consecutive numbers cannot occupy adjacent cells (rules of Non-consecutive Sudoku ) and also the same number cannot be at a knights step also. (Anti-Knight Constraints apply also )

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Combinational Sudokus

Over the next 15 days I will be uploading 15 sudokus which are combinations of 2 variants. If you all have played the Variant 7 at Sudokucup, you will know what I am talking about. Since I am hosting a Monthly Test at LMI in February, which is called "Double Delight",. In that test we will have 15 puzzles which are basically combinations of 2 variants. So these 15 puzzles which I will be putting up in the next 15 days will serve as good practice of them. Then there will also be 15 examples in the IB. So here is to Happy Solving.