Palindrome Sudoku 2013 - 1

Today we have a Palindrome Sudoku for the Daily League.

Last week was good performance wise for me at the Daily League.

Last Friday was a Twodoku by Tom Collyer.
Saturday saw a Kid Sudoku by Bram, which was one of my favourites from last week.
Sunday was an Outside Sudoku by Kwaka.
Monday we had a Sum or Product Outside Sudoku by Min Young Joo.
Tuesday was Prasanna's Consecutive Sudoku.
Wednesday was Bastien's Irregular Sudoku, which I still have to solve.

Another big step for the League was taken with the help of Karel Tesar who manages the website. The league puzzles are available online on their website for solving, so if anyone wants to try the puzzles online without having to print them, then is the website you need to visit. :)

The rules of Palindrome sudoku are the same as a classic sudoku. Additionally digits along the given lines read the same when read from either direction on the line.

Even Odd Skyscraper Sudoku 2013 - 1

Today's puzzle is one of my favorite creations. I don't think I have spent more time on any puzzle than I have spent on creating this sudoku for the Daily League. I know I am putting up a sudoku once a week on the blog as against a daily puzzle but believe me that there is good news in the offing soon. :)

Last Friday was Tom Collyer's Diagonal Sudoku.
Saturday was Bram's Sum Sandwich Sudoku, in preparation for an upcoming LMI Contest.
Sunday was Kwaka's Rossini Sudoku with Disjoint group constraints.
Monday was Fred's Irregular Sudoku.
Tuesday was Prasanna's Weighted Killer Sudoku.
Wednesday was Bastien's Thermo Sudoku.

Today for the Daily League we have an Even Odd Skyscraper. Place numbers in the grid such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Each number represents the height of the skyscraper in each cell. The digits outside the grid indicate the number of skyscrapers seen from the corresponding direction. Shaded cells inside and outside the grid can contain only even digits.

Happy Solving. :)

AntiKnight Sudoku 2013 - 3

Today is an Anti-Knight Sudoku for the Daily league. Things have been hectic and hence the puzzle updates for blog have become infrequent. Soon there will be a news update for all so keep watching this space.

On the Daily League, we have had a splurge of great puzzles as always. I haven't solved any this week, but indeed to do it later this weekend.

Friday was Tom Collyer's 8 is still alive which was renamed as A Date with 8. I will take credit for that :)
Saturday was Bram's 10 Box Sudoku.
Sunday was Kwaka's Odd Sudoku.
Monday was Fred's Diagonally NonConsecutive Sudoku.
Tuesday was Prasanna's Galloping Horses.
Wednesday was Bastien's Figure Sudoku.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, a number cannot repeat at a cell which is at a Knight's step, as in Chess, from itself.

Anti-knight Sudoku 2013 - 2

Today is an Anti-Knight Sudoku for my dear friend Tom Collyer. You will find a few of them cropping up quite frequently in the coming few days.

Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, a digit cannot repeat at a cell which is at a knight's step from itself.

Even Odd Chessdoku 2013 - 2

Today we have another Chessdoku, but this time it also doubles up for the League's puzzle. The week has started off interestingly with some great puzzles Arrow Sudoku by Fred, Search 9 by Prasanna and a Renban Sudoku by Bastien.

I hope the chessdoku lives up to the level set up by the previous authors for the week. This is not a difficult puzzle but then it does require a wee little bit of thinking.

Fill the grid such that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 6, a Chess King(K), Queen(Q) and Knight(N). Additionally, a King cannot attack another King, a Queen cannot attack another Queen and a Knight cannot attach another Knight. Each piece following their moves as in chess. Grey cells can contain only even digits and the orange cells can contain only odd digits.

Summer Magic 2013 - 1

Kwaka beat me to the the summer magic sudoku at the daily league.

Fill the grid such that every row, column and 3x3 box has digits 1 to 6 and 3 blank cells in it.Numbers outside the grid show the total of all numbers appearing in corresponding rows and columns. These numbers are separated by at least one empty cell. Example: 12_3_456__ = 471; 6543__21_ = 6564.

EvenOdd chessdoku 2013 - 1

I was just dabbling with an idea for the Chessdoku and thought why not add the even odd constraint, which will help reduce the number of givens drastically. Here is the result.

Fill the Grid such that the digits 1 - 6, King(K) Queen(Q) and Knight(N) occur once in every row, column and 3x3 box. Grey cells can contain only the even digits, yellow cells can contain only odd digits.

A Chess King cannot attack another King, a Knight cannot attack another Knight and a Queen cannot attack another Queen.