Greater Than X N1

Todays puzzle is a Greater than(Inequality) Diagonal sudoku. Rules of classic sudoku apply. Numbers follow the mathematical operations of less than or greater than as per given symbols. Additionally the 2 main diagonals contain digits 1 to 9.

For Solution Click Here.

Double Delight

Double Delight Starts in 9 hrs!

On 12/13th February 2011, LMI (logicmastersindia) will be hosting their February Monthly sudoku Test. This test is called Double Delight and is created by me. All puzzles are combinations of two common variants.

The test starts at 00.00 (GMT) 12th Feb 2011 and ends at 00:00 (GMT) 14th Feb 2011.

The test is of 120 minutes. You can start the test any time during the weekend of 12/13th February 2011 and will have 120 minutes to complete all the puzzles.

The puzzle types are :

  • Diagonal — Non Consecutive
  • Jigsaw — Anti Knight
  • Diagonal — Killer
  • Jigsaw — Killer
  • Anti Knight — Killer
  • Non Consecutive — Killer
  • Jigsaw — Diagonal
  • Disjoint — Anti Knight
  • Disjoint — Diagonal
  • Non Consecutive — Jigsaw
  • Non Consecutive — Anti Knight
  • Diagonal - Anti Knight
The IB can be downloaded here.

Discussion and Questions on the test can be done here at the LMI forum.
  • For practice you can refer to the combination sudokus section on this blog.