AntiKnight-NonConsecutive 2019 - 1

Last week I received a message from Simon Anthony, a member of the UK Sudoku team and an avid video blogger. He has a YouTube channel where he picks up puzzles of various authors and explains to his visitors the approach take to solve them. So Simon messaged me and said that another friend of ours Christoph Seeliger, had recommended a puzzle of mine to be featured on Simon's YouTube Channel.

The puzzle in question was an Antiknight - NonConsecutive sudoku that I had created way back in 2013. I was pleasantly surprised that Chistoph remembered the puzzle after so many years.

What Simon has done in the video is remarkable. He has made the approach to such mutant variants so simple. This video becomes a good guide for people who wish to learn how to solve an Anti-Knight Sudoku and also a Non-Consecutive sudoku.

You can view the video here.