Killer Sudoku 2013 - 4

Today we will try and tackle a Killer Sudoku. It is kind of hard getting into a mode of creating a sudoku daily after a long hiatus. Hope people dont find it too tough.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, the number on the top left corner of the cage is the sum of all the digits in that cage. Digits are not repeated inside a cage.

Diagonal Sudoku 2013 - 3

Well, Its time I restarted posting on the blog. With the regional rounds of the Times Sudoku Championship underway, 2 rounds have been completed and two more to be conducted over the coming weekend. Top 4 players from each region will take part in the finals at Mumbai on 3rd August.

Winning the Chennai round was quite satisfying on a personal front. Irrespective of the competition, I was more concerned with accuracy and my solving speed. Leaving nothing to chance I spent a whopping 7 minutes in round 2, checking to make sure that there were no errors or blank cells, mistakes which I have made plenty in the previous years. Was glad to see that no such issue had occurred and I had all correct. The final will be a different ball game altogether and I look forward to renew the battle with Rohan, and Prasanna now amongst the fore runners, its going to be an interesting battle. It bodes well for the Indian team if we all qualify as that would ensure a really strong Indian team at the WSC.

Todays puzzle is a bit tricky Diagonal sudoku. Lot of people found the Diagonal Sudoku in the Chennai round to be tough and asked me to post something related to Diagonal Sudoku. Please feel free to try it and if stuck do not hesitate to mail or ask me on the blog.