Argyle 2013 - 1 new

Well, I have received feedback that the dark lines are causing a distraction so uploading a new version with lighter lines. Though this puzzle was for Last Thursday, but since people are still solving it at the Daily League, I am uploading it again so that people can solve it on the new one.

Daily League Update

The Daily League is getting hotter and hotter with every passing week. We now have Yuhei too who showed an interest to join and solve along with other solvers from around the globe. We have completed nearly four weeks of the League and the booklets for Week two and week three are publicly available for download. In these booklets you will find the fastest time of the league for a given puzzle which stays as the Expert Time. See if you can beat that.

Week Two booklet is available here.

Week Three booklet is available here.

Windoku 2013 - 2

I am back in town and a lot of catching up needs to be done on the solving front. A lot of great puzzles have been put up at the Daily League by Fred, Prasanna, Bastien, and Tom C. Looking forward to fun filled solving during the weekend.

To Kick of February, I have a Windoku for you.

Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, the four marked 3x3 extra regions also contain distinct digits 1 to 9.