Melon's Puzzle Zoo

This weekend is a puzzle contest at LMI titled " Melon's Puzzle Zoo".

The author is Palmer Mebane.

The test will begin at 00:00 GMT on 26th Feb and end at 00:00 GMT on 28th Feb 2011. The duration of the test is 2 hours.

Discussions on this test at LMI are here.

The submission page and IB are here.

Diagonal Untouch Killer N1

Ok, I know a lot of people found the Double Delights a bit of a head spinner. I was just dabbling around trying to see if we could have three variants in one puzzle and the following puzzle is the result. I promise you I wont provide anymore "treble trouble" puzzles after this :)

Todays Puzzle is a Diagonal Untouch Killer. Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, the two main diagonals contain digits 1 to 9. A digit cannot touch itself even diagonally and sum of numbers in a cage equal to the number given at the top left of the cage. No number repeats inside a cage.

For Solution Click Here.