Arrow Sudoku 2013 - 1

As promised we have an arrow sudoku today. This is the first Arrow Sudoku that I am posting on the blog and thanks to PS for reminding me that I had never done an arrow sudoku before. This is of medium difficulty and not too tricky, well not too obvious either and i wanted to maintain the symmetry of the givens too.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally digits in the circle are equal to the sum of the digits along the arrow from it. Digits may repeat on an arrow.

Even Odd Skyscraper 2013 - 3

Today we have an Even Odd Skyscraper Sudoku. Some one reminded me that I have not put up an Arrow Sudoku on my blog so that will definitely be up here next week. However for this week we will stick to the Even Odd Skyscraper.

Place numbers in the grid such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Each number represents the height of the skyscraper in each cell. The digits outside the grid indicate the number of skyscrapers seen from the corresponding direction. Taller Skyscrapers hide shorter ones. Shaded cells inside and outside the grid can contain only even digits.

Killer Sudoku 2013 - 5

Today we have a killer sudoku for the daily league.

Rules of classic sudoku apply. Additionally, digits on the top of a cage denote the sum of the digits in the cage. Digits do not repeat in the cage.

Diagonal Sudoku 2013 - 4

Todays puzzle for the daily league is a Diagonal Sudoku.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally digits do not repeat on the two main marked diagonals.