Diagonal N1

Todays sudoku is a Diagonal Sudoku.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply.

Additionally, Each main diagonal also contains digits 1 to 9.

For Solution click Here


  1. Hi Rishi,
    Nice to see one more top player publishing puzzles. I wish you and your blog the best.
    By the way, I just noticed a little typo in the blog's subtitle : sudoku is written "sodoku" (hope you won't mind, I am a bit obsessed by details).
    Good luck if you are really planning to post a puzzle per day !

  2. Thanks for pointing out that typo and your wishes :)

    Im trying to do what I can... I am trying to post a puzzle everyday so let us see how far I succeed. I hope you have played the variants at sudokucup also. There is a variant there by me as well. Since I am hosting the monthly Test at LMI in Feb 2011, put an example each of those puzzles at sudokucup so that people can get a feel of the puzzles.