Double Delight Results

Finally the weekend in over and so is Double Delight. It had been 2 hectic days being connected constantly in case any participants had a problem. Thankfully everything went off without a hitch or a glitch. WaterlooMathie of Canada took the first position followed by Thomas Snyder (2 time World Sudoku Champion) and Jakub Ondrousek (jaku111) from Czech Republic taking the third position. From the Indians Perspective, the top three Indians were Rohan Rao (Current National Champion), Gaurav Korde and M Jaipal Reddy.

The complete results are here.

From an authors perspective it was a mixed test for me. There were a total of 173 participants and 132 non-zero scores. Which means that 41 people decided to not submit any answers for whatever reasons.

But in the same breath as an author it was really heartening to see the feedback given by the 2 time World Sudoku Champion, Thomas Snyder on his blog,on the puzzles. Here is the link to Thomas' blog.

Rishi Puri


  1. Rishi, Thanks for a great set of Sudokus.

  2. Thanks to you to Deb for ensuring it went off well and your valuable suggestions on designs and the number of puzzles and the alloted time. :)

  3. I really enjoyed your puzzles - the best set I have played in over a year! I was one of those who did not submit answers, but that is because I simply like solving and don't care too much about the competition.

    Thank you, and I promise to submit answers next time!

  4. Hi Alisa, Thanks for the kind words... I tried my best to ensure it would appeal to all and looks like it did. As for you not submitting it is completely fine... Our aim is to make puzzles and sudoku attractive to people and not only from a competitive perspective... The reason I mentioned 41 people not submitting answers that authors tend to assume that people may have found puzzles tough or not good enough for players to bother with submission and that may give a wrong indication to the author... :) Happy Solving...


  5. Good puzzles Rishi... I hope you dont plan a Triple Trouble, cause this one had my brains chewed!

    I love the pen of the logo :D

  6. hahahaha Rohan, I think double Delight was double trouble for me to create... treble would make me go mad... but now that you have given me an idea let me see if I can create a killer with NC and diagonal for the blog... :D the pen as I said was thanks to google image search :D

  7. Actually now that you speak of it.. I have a Untouch-Diagonal-Killer ready :D

  8. Hi Rishi,

    Not all the puzzle types were among my favorites, and moreover I wasn't in a very good shape ; for this, I didn't fully appreciate the puzzles on the moment. But after the test, once I had come back home, I decided to try again the Diagonal Antiknight on which I got stuck. And, well, it was awesome. A great one, really. The construct was just... impressive. Thanks.


  9. Merci Bastien.... I was hoping everyone likes that puzzle since it was my favorite and I am happy it was liked by all...