Samurai Sudoku N2

Have been a bit busy with shifting house and hence the delay.

Todays puzzle is a mixed Samurai Sudoku.

There are five sudokus connected by common boxes. The top left sudoku is a Diagonal Sudoku. Top Right is a Windoku. Bottom left is a jigsaw Sudoku and the bottom right is an extra region sudoku. The central grid is a classic sudoku. The classic sudoku shares is edge boxes with the other 4 sudokus.

The rating is difficult.


  1. I enjoyed participating in Killing Time contest. Great puzzles made by you.

  2. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles.

  3. there is the cheat answer for this.. I give up 1 week play this and I not get it...

    1. There is a logical solution for every puzzle that I have posted. Maybe if you can share a screenshot of where you are stuck, we can look at the next step :)

    2. I'm sorry for late reply... N.B and my bad english.. :3
      First, Thanks for your reply.
      Okay, this is a picture that I already fill with the numbers.
      But I stuck in the sudoku jigsaw part.

      please help me, where is my mistake. m(_ _)m
      I was really curious about the end result sudoku.

      here my result and I stuck in this part.

    3. Hi,

      I have pasted the solution here at this link. You can check it out. Looks like you made a mistake in the Windoku. :)

    4. okay Thanks for the reply...
      wow... so I have messed up in windoku... XD

      before I see the solution, first I will see where is I messed up in windoku first and if I still stuck... then I give up... X3

      Thanks For the solution. I will see it Later if still messed up :P
      and thanks For your help too...
      this puzzle is great :) I can see the ending now...

    5. Thanks for your help to mention my mistake in windoku..
      it's feels great.. done.... in 2 weeks... (LOL)
      once again.... great puzzle you have.. :)

    6. I am glad you liked it :) I will start posting new puzzles from December onwards :)