AntiKnight-Nonconsecutive Sudoku 2013 - 2

Last one week has been  hell and effects are still there on my health. Still not completely recuperated but atleast able to login and get back to some sudoku creation. Hopefully there won't be any more disruptions in the puzzling activities.

Today's puzzle is also part of my contribution towards the Daily League group on FB. It is an Anti-Knight Non-Consecutive Sudoku.

another development for the daily league is that now all people will be able to solve our puzzles online at the website. I will be posting links and more details on that shortly today. In the mean time enjoy this puzzle for today.

Rules of Classic Sudoku apply. Additionally, consecutive numbers cannot occupy orthogonally adjacent cells and a digit cannot repeat at a knights step from itself. Basically a nonconsecutive sudoku and an antiknight sudoku rolled into one.

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