Little Killer Sudoku 2013 - 1

It has been a one hell of a tiring week. Too much of travelling and sudoku creation for a few championships. I am packing my bags for another bit of travel as I get ready to upload this puzzle. This Little Killer Sudoku serves the Daily League at FB as well as practice for the WPF GP that takes place this weekend on the German website.

At the Daily league wed had a wonderful start with an Equal Sudoku by Cristoph. A very well made sudoku. Tuesday was Prasanna's turn with a Between 1 and 9 sudoku which was again very well made with only two given hints. Wednesday was Bastien's Fortress Sudoku.

For the Little Killer, apply standard sudoku rules. Additionally, digits outside the grid denote the sum of all digits in the corresponding direction of the arrow.


  1. Good morning Rishipuri..
    I really like your samurai sudoku, before and I really have fun to solve your puzzle.
    And now I want to try another sudoku that you post. and find this..
    just like the title it's really kill me for little killer.
    you really amazing at make a puzzle, amazing giver.

    let's to the point. I already play this and want to solve it T^T
    but once again I didn't find the solution for this and stuck.
    if you don't mind I want you to check my work and point out where my mistake or if you have a solution please post it. >v<

    here my work.

    Is my work have a wrong path or have a mistake?

    1. Hi, Looks like you made a little mistake at the start which is causing multiple errors. I have attached the solution here.

      Thank you for your kind words. I try to take as much time as I can to create puzzles but have not been able to do so frequently. I will start creating more now.

    2. Thanks for your replies and pointing out my mistake..

      I will try it first before look your solution.
      with this I can crosscheck if I made a mistake.

      And last, I will wait your puzzles that you made later...

      once again, thank you very much.